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If you want to give your guests the best possible experience, consider renting fun and functional accessories from us. Our extensive selection goes above and beyond that of the typical tent rental company. We carry:

There's no reason to settle for a basic event when you can throw the event of the year with the help of our tent rental company. Make your event one to remember by calling us today.

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You can turn any basic gathering into a proper celebration with rentals from TexarkanaTents & Events. We supply event tent rentals, table rentals and much more for all types of events in Mt Pleasant, Wake Village and Paris, TX. Our inventory includes over 50 styles of tents of all shapes and sizes, so we're guaranteed to have a tent that'll fit your requirements.

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At TexarkanaTents & Events, we're glad we can help bring people together at events across Texarkana, Mount Pleasant and Paris, AK. If you rent from us for your next event, you won't regret it. We:

  • Use new, high-quality products
  • Have over 18 years of experience
  • Handle setup and breakdown
  • Provide a certificate of insurance for each product
  • Bounce House & Tent Repairs

We'll work with you to accommodate your needs and help make your event special. Connect with our team today to reserve the event rentals you need for your upcoming event.


Certificate Of Insurance With Every Job

Free Lights With Most Tents

40x60 Pole Tent

$1680 tents party equipment rentals tent rentals

Wedding Tents

All Wedding Tents Are New

20x50 Frame Tent

$600 tents party equipment rentals tent rentals

Pole Tent 40x

40x40 Pole Tent $1120
40x60 Pole Tent $1680
40x80 Pole Tent $2240
40x100 Pole Tent $2800

15x15 Frame Tent

15x15 Frame Tent $200

15x30 Frame Tent

15x30 Frame Tent $300

Tent A/C. & Tent Heater

TexarkanaTents & Events

60ft wide tents x 100ft or 200 ft long

40x100. $2800

40x80 Pole Tent

$2240 tents party equipment rentals tent rentals

TexarkanaTents & Events

Factory Shutdown Tents

Frame Tent. 20x

20x30 Frame Tent $450
20x40 Frame Tent $600
20x60 Frame Tent $900

TexarkanaTents & Events

Frame Tent. 40x

40x40 Frame Tent $1200
40x60 Frame Tent $1800
40x80 Frame Tent $2400
40x100 Frame Tent $3000
All Tents Are Wedding New

TexarkanaTents & Events

Job Site Tents

Inside A Frame Tent

This Is Inside A 40X60 Frame Tent

Dance Floor 20x20

Clear Top Tents

20x20 $300
20x30 $400

Pipe And Drape All New Many Colors

Frame Tent 30x

30x30 Frame Tent $675
30x40 Frame Tent $900
30x50 Frame Tent $1500
30x60 Frame Tent $1350

TexarkanaTents & Events

20x30 Frame Tent $420
Red & White

20x20 Frame Tent

$250 tents party equipment rentals tent rentals

10x20 Tents